Neighbourgood distills ideas into compelling communication to create impact. We bring thoughtful, artistic sensibilities and knowledge to our storytelling and engagement. 

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Studio Neighbourgood

Neighbourgood began as a desire to bridge the commercial and creative worlds in a sustainably conscious way. With a belief in the power of nature and creative endeavours to be transformative to the human spirit, Neighbourgood's work resides within this space to foster positive community outcomes and engagement. We work to promote, activate and develop keen communications strategies for businesses who seek to create better modes of living; from urban agriculture projects, to wellness centres, community centres, online magazines, curation and the greening of public spaces through placemaking projects. We are passionate about sustainability, social justice and innovation.

With over 10 years experience spanning Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Creative Production and Creative Direction, Neighbourgood has developed a boutique approach with targeted brand positioning and an innate knowledge of how to bring content and product to market.  

The Studio specialises in Photography, Design, Creative Direction and Content Curation and with collaboration at it's heart.


From Montreal to Shanghai, we've designed comfortable and livable homes for families of all shapes and sizes. Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam lorem ipsum.

Design & Creative Direction

   for where design and visualistation can add value and help clarity of thought and communication.

   Experienced in developing brands and creating design with strong conceptual rationale. custodian of brands. Brand consistency across all touchpoints

Creative visualistation and media

I develop creative solutions and positioning around products, communications, planning and storytelling. I understand global trends and know how to respond and take advantage of new opportunities. These ideas have been taken to market with great success. I thrive on being connected and am a lover of words, photos, films and great ideas!



Content Curation & Creation

   Neighbourgood's engagement spans art and commerce with knowledge across art, architecture, design, events, innovation and community action. 
   We engage and foster collaborations between brands and creative communities to deliver high level results for omni-channel delivery. This has included devising and delivering curated content for publications and online journals.
   Community management of brands with targeted engagement models

Compelling online content


Gardening together helps us make meaningful connections with one another, encourages a focus on health and well-being, is a fun way to get active and your hands dirty - and they look great too!

Plant Artist who advocates a unique sense of style, an alluring presentation of the innate natural beauty of greenery and transformation with the passage of time.  Overseeing the direction of six shops in the Tokyo area and New York, Satoshi is a stylist across a wide range of genres,  working not only with greenery but also with the interior styling of shops and department stores, writing magazine columns. In recent years, Satoshi has held exhibitions of his work, expressing the beauty of greenery from his unique perspective.  Laying the groundwork for a field where greenery is a familiar presence,  he seeks to enrich the ways in which people relate to flora and fauna.

Satoshi Kawamoto, the celebrated creative director and plant artist behind Green Fingers, a lifestyle-oriented plant and design brand based out of Japan,